A game made in 3 hours for Trijam #27, with the theme of no visuals.


You're in a dark room and there is a bomb in front of you. A guy calls you with instructions to defuse it.


Caps Lock, Enter and Space to many actions in the game.

Esc skips any dialogue by the caller.


All sounds are CC0 from freesound.org

Text-to-speech by naturalreaders.com

This could have been a lot better, but I actually ran out of ideas halfway through.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Release date Jul 12, 2019
Made withGodot
Tags2D, 3D, 8-Bit, godot, Grayscale, whatever
LicenseMIT License
Asset licenseCreative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal
Average sessionA few seconds
AccessibilityBlind friendly


Blind Boom Windows.zip 30 MB
Boom Source Code.zip 46 MB


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Went well untill the rhythm part, could only remember 3 first. ;P

But nice concept!

Didn't first think about it, but even a blind person could play this! :)


Thanks. I made the last part really hard because of the lack of content in the game. :/


Really cool idea.

The first bit was very confusing though, I was expecting a combination rather than to have to hold it for several seconds.

The rhythm was pretty hard, I blew myself up.

Yeah, I wanted it to be very hard to account for the lack of content. :/

Ah, don't worry about making short games, I wouldn't expect more than a few seconds of gameplay from a 3h jam game.

I think part of the problem of the first part is that the sounds are rather unpleasant.

If the rhythm game had progression, maybe two shorter sequences beforehand, then it would be a bit better I think, because that would allow you to get familiar with the sounds before you need to remember a long sequence.

Right. What's funny is that I recommended this theme and I didn't even have a plan lol.

It was a great theme :]
Three hours is a bit too tight for me personally, but I joined again because I really liked the theme.

I still think your Trijam games so far have been one of the best. Trijam has been an amazing experience. I proved to myself that I can make a game if I really put myself to it.

For me it was buggy or something. For first time it had like synth with varying pitch between caps_lock and enter straight away and space didn't do anything. After reloading I don't get any response from any key.

Not a bug. You have to hold Enter or Caps Lock until you hear a clicking noise, then press Space.